Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

Ready for take-off!

Yay, finally done, we are online. For all of you who can remember as an grey-haired html web 1.0 site, here's the good news: we are a blog now! :)
In the last three days while we uploaded all the stuff from the old site to this shiny new place almost 300 people visited our blog! Quite a good start I think :-)

The greatest thing in this new (well, at least for me it's new) technology is, that we can now react quickly to your requests and submissions. So if you have any cool pictures, informations or any other nice stuff about aviation just write us or post it. And for all of you people out there who are searching for hard-to-find-informations for projects, seminars, school or just for fun, just let us know, maybe we can help ya out!

Have fun with our historic aircrafts, rare prototypes, caspian monsters and everything else that managed it to take-off!

And don't forget to check out our three-view art section! We will publish some high-class prints of them this month!



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